Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Knitting Bug . . .

The Knitting Bug has bit me bad. . .

No, it's not like the flu's much more fun. I can't stop knitting. Symptoms are a tendency to knit at any free moment, even if it's only for a few rows, counting incessantly, and dreaming of your next creations during sleep or thinking of them as you fall asleep. Also, you might find yourself reading knitting books when your hands get too tired to knit (heaven forbid!)

I've got to thank the girls who have purchased my creations at my ebay store "Joan's Emporium". A special thanks to "A Doll Affinity" for showing her lovely dolls with my creations on them as well as advertising my store. I continue to knit them and seek new yarns. Besides Omega Crys, I also am becoming addicted to "Fixation", an elasticized yarn that hugs the Barbie doll very nicely! It's also great to work with.

I am allergic to wool and fellow knitters have lamented my limited choices of yarn. Never fear! I continually find acrylics that are beautiful and work just fine -- at a much more affordable price! Besides, not having the breakouts from wool is great also! (Won't go into detail here, just trust me.)

I also am squeezing in some Christmas knitting which are toys for my grandchildren. I have one of my grandchildren, Vincent, staying here with me for the school year. At eight years old, he unabashedly gives me opinions of my knitting items as well as his orders! His input in invaluable! Of course, he calls me a "doll fan" somewhat disdainfully, but admits knitting has its place. (His snake and soon-to-be-finished South American Indian with spear and shield has helped him appreciate the fine art of knitting.)

Well, I must close for now. Must go look up more patterns and knit a few more rows! Until later. . . .knitting forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!