Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Direction in Knitting. . .

As you can see, I've been using the quiet time after the holidays to work on my personal collection of doll clothes. I've been doing some different patterns as well as trying out some of my own.

I have decided that due to the expense, I will no longer sell these on ebay. Some of these designs are not for sale, but if you are interested in others, please contact me at I will be looking into my own webpage sometime this year, but for now, I will publish them here. Some of my crochet ones will still be available on ebay as well as other items at Joan's Emporium on ebay so check me out there! Thanks to all the compliments I have received and hope to hear from you in the future! Happy winter and to all those who knit or crochet, remember "keep calm and carry yarn!"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Knitting Bug . . .

The Knitting Bug has bit me bad. . .

No, it's not like the flu's much more fun. I can't stop knitting. Symptoms are a tendency to knit at any free moment, even if it's only for a few rows, counting incessantly, and dreaming of your next creations during sleep or thinking of them as you fall asleep. Also, you might find yourself reading knitting books when your hands get too tired to knit (heaven forbid!)

I've got to thank the girls who have purchased my creations at my ebay store "Joan's Emporium". A special thanks to "A Doll Affinity" for showing her lovely dolls with my creations on them as well as advertising my store. I continue to knit them and seek new yarns. Besides Omega Crys, I also am becoming addicted to "Fixation", an elasticized yarn that hugs the Barbie doll very nicely! It's also great to work with.

I am allergic to wool and fellow knitters have lamented my limited choices of yarn. Never fear! I continually find acrylics that are beautiful and work just fine -- at a much more affordable price! Besides, not having the breakouts from wool is great also! (Won't go into detail here, just trust me.)

I also am squeezing in some Christmas knitting which are toys for my grandchildren. I have one of my grandchildren, Vincent, staying here with me for the school year. At eight years old, he unabashedly gives me opinions of my knitting items as well as his orders! His input in invaluable! Of course, he calls me a "doll fan" somewhat disdainfully, but admits knitting has its place. (His snake and soon-to-be-finished South American Indian with spear and shield has helped him appreciate the fine art of knitting.)

Well, I must close for now. Must go look up more patterns and knit a few more rows! Until later. . . .knitting forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Knitting Patterns!

Well, I'm scheduled for root canal surgery on Friday, and true to myself, I've been knitting through the pain!! I have been very blessed to get some positive feedback on my Barbie clothes lately, and it is truly wonderful! Thanks to all.

I've also got some new patterns to try out for Barbie and Kelly, as well as trying to design some of my own! I've got ideas floating around in my head and I go to bed thinking of them! Knitting and crocheting rocks! Be looking for pictures on this site and on my ebay site soon ( I hope)!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Knitting and Crocheting Forever!!!!

Well, I'm still knitting. Made some more Barbie doll clothes and I am still knitting away. I found some great new yarn called Omega Crys and it is fantastic! I could run my fingers through it all day. The picture includes some of the things I've made with this yarn. Buy in online at the Creative Yarn Source. Prices are good and super fast shipping! What would I do without handwork? Enjoy this picture and I look forward to hearing from you. . .and seeing your projects!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reading is. . . necessary!

Hi, everyone! My blog today is devoted to my bookworm tendencies. I recently purchased a Kobo E reader and it is amazing! So glad to have been able to get it.

I've been reading Jodi Picoult books lately and they are so thought provoking. Currently, I'm on "Plain Truth" about the Amish, having just finished her book on Asperger's "House Rules." I heartily recommend this one as it is an eye opener about autism. Great reading, you'll get absorbed in the story.

"Nineteen Minutes" and "The Pact" are also very good -- recommend them heartily. I cannot imagine the world without books. . .they carry me away to places I want to go.. . happy reading!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why a Stash is Better than Cash!

My stash of yarn is colorful and quirky. It's piled high in a corner of my craft room -- aka, the extra bedroom-- and it tumbles together in varying shades of yellow, blue, pink, black and on and on.

To some, it's a corner of the room that's a mess. To me, it's security and comfort in a way no bank account could ever be. What if the bottom tumbles out of my world and I have only money for food? No problem. My stash will keep me going. What if I am bored to tears and have nothing to do? No problem. My stash will keep me going. What if I'm preoccupied with worries? No problem. My stash will keep me going.

You get the picture. In that corner are endless possibilities just waiting to be explored and explore it I will. . . How about you?

Here is a picture of some of my latest creations made out of baby yarn and of course, yarn that has been split for good old 4-ply worsted. Tell me what you think! Better yet, send pictures of what you're doing! Knit and crochet forever!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ear infection; sinus trouble and knitting!

An ear infection and sinus problems have slowed me down a little, but here is a photograph of my latest creations for the Barbie doll wardrobe. I have found that Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour Yarn works especially well and is inexpensive for these clothes. My girls are ready for a night on the town while the little sisters stay home! Happy knitting and crocheting!

In answer to the comment, the dolls are all mine. Two are when I was young -- the rest I found at thrift stores!! A few from ebay. You'd be amazed how many are hiding on the shelves of thrift stores!