Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Knitting Patterns!

Well, I'm scheduled for root canal surgery on Friday, and true to myself, I've been knitting through the pain!! I have been very blessed to get some positive feedback on my Barbie clothes lately, and it is truly wonderful! Thanks to all.

I've also got some new patterns to try out for Barbie and Kelly, as well as trying to design some of my own! I've got ideas floating around in my head and I go to bed thinking of them! Knitting and crocheting rocks! Be looking for pictures on this site and on my ebay site soon ( I hope)!


  1. You know I am super excited to see all of these ideas come to life! :) Creating something can be so rewarding. Do you come up with all your own patterns? I send well wishes and prayers your way for the root canal surgery. May you feel better and have no more tooth pain soon! God Bless!

  2. You are awesome. Of course, that is totally objective. :-) Blessings!