Tuesday, June 1, 2010

As an avid reader, I've read my share of romance novels, etc. -- even wrote and published one many years ago. Lately, I've changed to 'good' novels along with Christian romance. For a special blessing, join me as I read Gilbert Morris' 40 novels that trace the fictitious Winslow family from the Mayflower through WWII. I've got 14 more to go, then I'll be done. It will be a blessing to you!!! If God can work like this, (which He can) what will He do in my life?

I'm presently on a knitting binge and am knitting a little pink shrug for my 1st grade granddaughter. Pictures will follow. Anyone have any great patterns to share? Let's make this a place where we can exchange ideas, books and anything else us grandmothers like! Hoping to hear from someone soon! God's blessings to everyone!

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